Is there an extra fee for Setup and Breakdown time?  

NO, It’s FREE! Setup and Breakdown are provided at no cost to you. We give ourselves plenty of time to make sure the Setup is exactly what you envisioned, all our equipment is running at their maximum capabilities, and is setup where you wanted with a polished and professional look!

Do you bring backup equipment just in case because you never know? 

100% absolutely! Atlas Pro DJs is always prepared for anything and everything because we agree, you never know!

What if our Ceremony and Reception are located at two different venues?

No problem! Atlas Pro DJs will provide all the services you need, where you need them, to make your Wedding Day perfect!

My Ceremony is outdoors and there is no power available. Can you still provide music, speaker(s) and microphone(s)?

Yes, we can! We offer high quality, battery operated, Outdoor Ceremony Packages that include music, speaker(s) and microphone(s)!

How do I lock in the date for my event? What if I can’t meet you in person? 

No problem! We can lock in your date with a signed contract and a deposit for as little as $100. We can send the contract and invoice via email. This gives you a secure option to pay by Credit Card/Debit Card or ACH (Automated Clearing House).

Do you offer payment plans/ financing options?

Yes!! We can work with you to create weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or even installment payments.  

Do you offer Liability Insurance, and can you provide documentation if needed?

Yes, we do! Atlas Pro DJs is fully insured and can provide any documentation needed upon request.

Check Availability

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